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Somewhere was a logo for a real estate project romanticising the idea of living with nature. Worked on this while working at GCD Studio.

Antarkranti is an NGO whose main aim is the reformation and rehabilitation of prisoners all over India. 

Jalseal is a company which creates geomembranes (pond liner)

for preventing water or liquid to seep into the soil.

Group Ignus works for providing quality education for the marginal. They use unconventional elementary methods for educating rural children.


The logo is an abstract depiction for ‘Knowledge Empowers’. Inspired by shadow puppetry, one of the tools used in elementary education to teach children to make different shapes with their hands. The bird signifies taking flight and scaling heights. 

Worked on this project while working at GCD Studio.

Ignus logo-01.png

Mahek is an Indian mouthfreshner and churan brand based in South India. It widely used as an after-meal snack and digestive aid.

Guesthouser is a webservice which connects travellers

to local hosts all around the world

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